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Tactical Deployment Systems

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LightWave TDS
The HD8² is a cost effective ease of use patching
system that will work in your overall data center
design, or it can be used as a rapid deployment
for temporary needs.
LightWave products are custom engineered fiber optic and copper cables assemblies to meet the demands of quick turn around, rapid response products. Tactical Deployment Systems (TDS) designs custom configured rapid response transit cases including Emergency Mobile Preparedness (EMP), Military Communications (MCT) or Fiber Optics Termination (FOT) products.


The Chameleon Chassis, when fully loaded with (12)
144 High Volume Cassette Modules can accommodate
1,728 fibers in just one 4U space.
The M83522 specification defines the characteristics, performance and testing criteria for single terminus/channel fiber optic connectors.