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Tactical Deployment Systems


HD8²High Density Fiber Optic Solution

CI&M The HD8² High Density Fiber Optic Patching system is specifically designed for ease of installation and economy of space. The smaller square cassette utilized in our design, versus the typical flat wide cassette, lends itself to a smaller profile. The cassettes come with a snap on pulling eye cap. The pulling eye cap snaps onto the front of the cassette and acts as both a pulling eye and a cover to protect the internal connectors. This design simplifies the installation process of pre-terminated trunked cassettes and as a result can reduce dB loss by reducing the number of termination points throughout the cabling design. Older style designs are cumbersome and either do not allow for pre-termination or, if they are pre-terminated cassettes, they are too large to pull through existing infrastructure.

Thumbnail Performance Study: HD8² VS. Traditional Plug-and-Play
As data transmission speeds have increased, insertion loss requirements have become more stringent, and staying within loss budgets is an increasing concern among data center designers.
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CI&M The HD8² has been featured in the latest edition of Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine | With fiber's future set in stone, innovation solves data center challenges.
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HD8² cassettes are rear entry loaded and can be “hard wired” utilizing terminated optic fiber cable and a Heyco® strain relief. A pulling eye cap facilitates the installation of the cassettes through ladder rack, innerduct, or raised floor applications. The internal strain relief and eye ring are used in conjunction with fiber optic cable Kevlar to provide strength. The cassettes can also be loaded with internal fiber harnesses connected via a separate terminated trunk cable.

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*The HD8² takes advantage of Senko's dustproof LC adapter with internal shutter in its cassette design. The internal shutter is actuated when you plug the LC patch cable into the adapter. The shutter automatically opens as you insert the LC connector, and closes as you extract it. Due to the special design of the shutter, it will not touch the ferrule end face when you insert a connector, thus preventing end face damage. The internal shutter prevents eye exposure to lasers and provides protection from dust and other contaminants.
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HD8² Fiber Optic Patching System is covered by U.S. Patent. No. 10,281,672 B1 & U.S. Patent. No. 10,551,585 B2