Tactical Deployment Systems
Tactical Deployment Systems


Custom Fiber Optics

LightWave LightWave Fiber Optics

LightWave products are custom engineered fiber optic and copper cables assemblies to meet the demands of quick turn around, rapid response products for our customers. In order to maintain superior product performance, and to achieve a high level of the customer satisfaction, LightWave employs incoming quality control, in-process quality control, and outgoing quality control processes to maintain a performance based quality system.


  • Patch Cables
  • Fiber Connectors
  • MTP Cables & Harnesses
  • MTP Cassettes & Enclosures
  • Fiber Attenuators & Adaptors
  • Adaptor Panels
  • Fiber Enclosures
  • Cable Management Reels
  • Custom Cables

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