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Response time is critical.

Tactical Deployment Systems (TDS) is your sole source supplier for fiber optic and copper assemblies/solutions, custom configured rapid response trailers and transit case products.

HD8²The HD8² High Density Fiber Optic Patching system is specifically designed for ease of installation and economy of space. The smaller square cassette utilized in our design, versus the typical flat wide cassette, lends itself to a smaller profile. The cassettes come with a snap on pulling eye cap. The pulling eye cap snaps onto the front of the cassette and acts as both a pulling eye and a cover to protect the internal connectors. Learn More >

LightWaveLightWave products are custom engineered fiber optic and copper cables assemblies to meet the demands of quick turn around, rapid response products for our customers. In order to maintain superior product performance, and to achieve a high level of the customer satisfaction, LightWave employs incoming quality control, in-process quality control, and outgoing quality control processes to maintain a performance based quality system. Learn More >

ChameleonThe Chameleon Chassis, when fully loaded with (12) 144 High Volume Cassette Modules can accommodate 1,728 fibers in just one 4U space, all that space savings while making fiber management and patching easier and cleaner than traditional fiber solutions currently on the market. The Chameleon 144 or 72 fiber MTP Backbone Cables provide a high density fiber distribution solution to the space conscious data center manager. No other product on the market can meet your demands the way the Chameleon can. Learn More >

TDSTactical Deployment Systems (TDS) is your sole source supplier for custom configured rapid response transit cases including family Emergency Mobile Preparedness (EMP), Military Communications (MCT) or Fiber Optics Termination (FOT), as well as Rapid Deployment Transit Case products. Learn More >